Services | Driving Assessment & Rehabilitation

Driving is an extremely complex task requiring highly integrated functional abilities dependent upon intact physical, sensory and cognitive skills. Medical conditions and disability can impact on an individual’s ability to drive, limiting their independence in personal, social and occupational roles. Driving impairment can also affect driver and community safety.

In Australia, national legislation requires a driver to advise their driver licensing authority of any long-term or permanent injury or illness that may affect their safe driving ability and in Queensland, this authority is the Dept of Transport and Main Roads

In most instances, the assessment of medical fitness to drive is conducted by a general practitioner or specialist however in some cases the doctor may refer the driver to an occupational therapist who specialises in driving assessment and rehabilitation to assist in the determination of driving ability and/or the necessity for prescription of vehicle modifications and driving remediation.

Rehab Works offers comprehensive services in the area of private and commercial driving assessment and has extensive experience in all licence classes including plant and equipment associated with construction, mining and manufacturing.